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Top Reviewer
Best pupusas I've ever had! If you've never had a pupusa, you're missing out! Do you love pork and bacon, as well as melted cheese? These are ground pork belly mixed with cheese (the pupusas mixtas). They put the mixture between two homemade "Guatemalan" tortillas (thicker than a regular tortilla with a lot of flavor) and cook them on a flat surface. The tortillas cook up with the natural fat from the pork belly, melting the cheese and making the tortilla crispy in spots and soft in others, beautifully caramelized. They're exceptional on flavor. The curtido, which is basically a vinegar based coleslaw, is a garnish to eat on top. They're incredible with or without the curtido. Guatemalan food is unlike Mexican food in that it is typically not spicy. But the green sauce that comes with it (and there are other sauces) are typically very spicy so taste before you try. That's the beauty of their food though - if you like spice, you add it. In any case I will attempt to explain their many foods as I go so those that aren't familiar with it will have a little explanation of what it is. If you want a review of a particular food please include it in your comments and I will do my best to explain. I truly don't think you'd be disappointed and what's really nice is this is absolutely authentic food that you can try, via Grub Hub, without having to speak the language or travel! This restaurant is definitely worth trying! And their portions are very good! Try it -you don't know what you're missing! :-)


Top Reviewer
We pass this place all the time and just discovered that it is on Grubhub. Either we lucked out or they heard people's complaints, because we ordered at dinner time on a Friday and our food still came in less than the estimated time. It was piping hot and delicious. My chicken was juicy and had great flavor, and my fiancee was sad when we finished because "her burrito was over."
If I had to make one complaint, it would be that the empanadas were VERY greasy. As in "turn the paper bag they came in clear" greasy. Other than that it was all great.
Highly recommended.


3 reviews
I've ordered from here many times and have never had a bad meal or experience. The delivery is always on time (sometimes early) and the drivers are friendly. There are too many exceptional dishes to list them all but their tacos are some of the best I've had anywhere (you must try the spicy pork tacos)! Other standouts are the charbroiled chicken and the paella! Lastly, I have a gluten allergy and when I asked them questions about their ingredients and preparation, they were informative and guided me to safe dishes (I haven't had any reactions)! Love them!!!


2 reviews
The two beef taco beans and rice were delicious you have to get it hand tortillas or the experience wouldn't exceed as it should. I order relleno; for the ones that don't know it's green bell pepper grilled and stuff with ground beef that's seasoned mix with vegetables and then it's toss in a egg batterd only come with one but also rice and beans AMAZING. Last was maduro fried plantain good but would be nice if it would have came with sour cream but all in all experience was satisfying and delivery was on time.


1 review
I've gotten a bunch of dishes from El Chapin and it was all great. Most of the negative reviews that complain that the cotija cheese was powdery or that they prefer Taco bell for "spanish food" seem to indicate a general unfamiliarity, not a fair analysis of the food at El Chapin.

The chicken is a favorite of mine, a bit surprising on a nominally-Mexican menu but absolutely delicious. Everything I've gotten was good.

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El Chapin Restaurant & Grill Reviews on Seamless


Top Reviewer
Food is always really good, delivery is fast and the driver is really nice, good portions and decent prices ! Never been disappointed.

Kenneth Daniel

Top Reviewer
I continuously order their tacos. Prompt delivery and pleasant staff. Plenty to choose from and the food hits home


Top Reviewer
Excellent!! Please fry chimichanga less so it's like a crispy-soft chalupa consistency, thank you.


1 review
Good food. Prepared well. Family enjoyed it.

Geoffrey Adam

2 reviews
The chimichangas are especially good

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